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: "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker and "Country Roads"

: A Game of Thrones

: The IT Crowd s4; Silent Hill

: Animal Crossing: New Leaf



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R I S E  d e s h i   b a s a r a

And you're an angel.
Poor example of one.

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Anonymous asked: Do use some app or website for these edits? if so, what is it and how are you so fantastic at it?

Oh gosh golly!

I’m going to assume you’re talking about the vast majority of things on my blog, and I must admit that I don’t make many of the edits you see. I just reblog them, but I do agree that they are fantastic! 

Edits like this one are made in Photoshop using screencaps and texture packs (a fancy word for pictures of clouds or stars). It takes a lot of cutting and pasting and blending and time to get them looking like this one. :)

Edits like this one are made by taking a screencap and editing the levels (like exposure and contrast) so that it looks prettier. Many screencaps are dark, so this helps people see it and makes it more attractive to look at.

If you are talking about my edits, thank you so much. But I’m glad other people admire the edits people work so hard on. :)

Title: It All Starts Here
Artist: Magic Man
Played: 2903 times


We’ll hold our head’s over the rising tide
We’ll find our way without the city lights
The morning sky has never seemed so clear
It All Starts Here - Magic Man

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